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YesTech Power Systems

YesTech Power Systems are in Power Infrastructure and Backup Solutions and have 25 years of experience in providing innovative and cost-effective power Solutions to various industries. YESTECH POWER SYSTEMS was established in 2007. Since then, we are offering Power & Backup solutions and Services to all types of industries, enterprises and Corporates.

YESTECH POWER SYSTEMS is an Authorised Business Partner for Delta Electronics India Pvt Ltd. for Delta Communication & Information Solution Business Unit in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.

With our Solution portfolio, We cover UPS Systems with Batteries, I-Cool Racks, Battery Monitoring System (BMS), Static Transfer Switch (STS), Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, Isolation Transformers, Over Voltage Cut-Off Device (OVCD) with Type-2 Surge Protection Device (SPD), Equi Power with Type 1+2 Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Our Services

System Installation

YesTech Power Systems Installs UPS and other Power Protection Devices to Industries, Commercial and Residential Users

The Preventative Maintenance

A damaged, corroded or diminished battery system is one of the main causes uninterruptible power supply (UPS) failure, so you must protect them. A battery maintenance procedure is the key to the long-term performance of your UPS – and security for your business. In this article we identify the key causes of battery failure and the components of a battery maintenance procedure.

Upgrade Or Replacement

With an older UPS system system, you can often run into issues when trying to replace individual components Replacing your entire system will cost more than replacing individual parts, but will generate substantially more power than your current system Visit the YesTech Power Systems to compare multiple quotes for UPS system replacements or expansions